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Lazaro Jr. Ramos, also known as Lazaro Jr., is a singer and songwriter from the Philippines.

Lazaro Jr. Ramos

Lazaro Jr. Ramos was born on September 25, 2001. He started his career at the age of 19 in Calatagan Batangas, Philippines as a musician online.

After a few days, I made my music available on various platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and many other international platforms such as Deezer, Tidal, and Boomplay. Lazaro Jr. Music can also be found on YouTube.

Lazaro Jr. Ramos Official YouTube Music

Lazaro Jr. Ramos Official YouTube Music Channel


New Beginning – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Clavis Robota – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Head spinning – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Voltaic Jiggle – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Walang Imposible ft. Murker Beats (2021)

Kakaba – kaba – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Doña Senorita – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

MEMORIES – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Hiraya Manawari (Lofi Version) (2022)

Batibot (Lofi Version) (2022)

Now He is a part of the Music industry of Philippines