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Lazaro Jr. Ramos Electronic Dance Music Producer, Lo-fi & Songwriter

About Lazaro Jr. Ramos

Lazaro Jr. Ramos is a Filipino music producer, songwriter, and artist who specializes in electronic dance music (EDM). He may convey himself simply through his music. He produced his own music and made his own music label such as Southern Star Records and Lazaro Jr. Music.

After a few days, I made my music available on various platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and many other international platforms such as Deezer, Tidal, and Boomplay. Lazaro Jr. Music can also be found on YouTube.


New Beginning – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Clavis Robota – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Head spinning – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

Voltaic Jiggle – Lazaro Jr. (2021) 

Walang Imposible ft. Murker Beats (2021) 

Kakaba – kaba – Lazaro Jr. (2021) 

Doña Senorita – Lazaro Jr. (2021)

MEMORIES – Lazaro Jr. (2021) 

Hiraya Manawari (Lofi Version) (2022)

Batibot (Lofi Version) (2022)

Red Viser (2022)

Songbird Spring (2023)

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Southern Star Records Website:


New Music Release

Songbird Spring OutNow

Available on all music platforms

Songbird Spring (2023)

Red Viser OutNow

Available on all music platforms

Red Viser (2022)

Hopeless Summer OutNow

Hopeless Summer (2022)